Synclavier 9600

Synclavier 9600


Welcome to Sweet Discrete.

Music was in my blood from the early age of 9 and it led me to play my first instrument, the Trombone, while experimenting with drums and percussion. This developed to playing in various brass bands, often as a soloist.

After being influenced by music in the late 70's, Disco, Chic, ELO, Giorgio Moroder and Kraftwerk etc, by the age of 15, the trombone took a back seat and it was the recorded sounds, especially the synthesizer, bass, drums, those warm electric pianos and pads that had me hooked. 

After owning my first mono synth at the age of 16, the Transcendent 2000, I knew I had a fascinating journey of discovery ahead. It was simply the times I grew up in,  when legendary music production and electronic sounds melded.

The music from the 70's+80's, Trevor Horn, Bob Clearmountain, Steve Lipson, Propaganda, Yello, New Order, Talking Heads, Fleetwood Mac, Depeche Mode etc. etc. started really taking hold of me, so you can see where this was  going...(please see influences).

This passion for music, sound, and 'quality' led me to listen deeply to music and over the years, I have been lucky enough to own classics such as the PPG Wave 2.2, Jupiter 8, Oberheim OBXa, Emulator II & III, and recently the magnificent Synclavier 9600 to name but a few.  

All the while, gaining experience as a writer/producer/mix engineer, I've worked on EDM and Film music for clients and myself, colaborating with many talented people and I've been very lucky to have friends and mentors such as Mark Bell ( Shaboom ).

Today, I'm still driven by pure passion and enthusiasm to create the best possible musical sound.

I have many good contacts, and great friends who continue to inspire me, and I'm always learning and still fidling !

With over 30 years experience, and a self-confessed healthy obsession for gear ( recording and musical ), my focus is to enhance your music for you to enjoy, be proud of, and get the recognition you deserve.

I work very hard, and will work very hard for you, because I want just as much recognition as you do.

So it's all about your vision and your music and by working together, using all this passion, experience, glorious technology, we will achieve the end goal, while having fun doing it....

Thank you for visiting


Dedicated to Mr John Ingham, who helped me to get where I am today, so I know where I can go tomorrow.  God Bless.

ppg Wave 2.2

ppg Wave 2.2

Featured examples of the evolution of work. Please listen on headphones or on quality monitors for best results.

2007 - History Film / Documentary about the history of Alfa Romeo featuring all the modern cars up to the 8C Competizione. Music & Video edit by C.Aspin - mixed ITB ( copyright 2007 )

Thanks to Marco Fazio, Automobilismo Storico Alfa Romeo, Centro Documentazione (Arese, Milano).