Terms and Conditions

I'd love you to enjoy your music, your time with me, and let my knowledge and enthusiasm create what your'e looking for.

After consultation via email, telephone or meeting, I will work on your project in the time frame agreed. If the online service of stem processing or summing is only required, this will be completed usually within 72 hrs (or sooner by request).

When work is near completion, with the exception of standard service ( i.e. summing services), you'll be sent an MP3 demo of your material to assess. Summing will be completed and returned as a stereo WAV file 16 or 24 bit at whatever rate you require up to 192 Khz using Apogee Symphony converters.

I will then welcome any comments and criticism, and if you're not completely satisfied I will endevour to change / alter, or redo your work.

Once you 'sign off' and are happy with your demo, I will complete and send your finished track / album back to you and look forward to a long lasting relationship together.

Payment is taken by paypal for online store for goods or standard services or via an invoice amount agreed if differs.

Enjoy the videos...


Video from the Studer Museum showing the mixing consoles heritage.