The big, expensive studios still exists today, sadly less than there was, but there are still many wonderful places to record around the world. The modern hybrid studios pack a fantastic punch and can offer a fantastic service for a fraction of the price. The Live room, acoustic treatment and design of the big studios are un equalled, but once recorded, this becomes the opportunity for the smaller mix studios, each with their own 'mix' of talent and equipment to offer. This is the gear I use and trust at the moment, the quality of sound and flexibility provides me with excellent results if enough work is put in.


Console / System


Console / Pre Amps

Studer 189 MK II - Analog, Class A console with 24 fully Discrete mic pre's - A truly beautiful sound - circa 1978

CAPI V28 - 1731  + 2520 OP Amps - Dual gain Staging, Classic 70's  api Sound with a twist

AML ez1073 - Classic Neve 1073 clone - The real deal !

Calrec PY4013 - Custom racked Mic Pre's for the Neve type sound


DAW / Converters / System

Apple Mac Pro 8 core 32 GB Ram - Twin screens, with Solid State Drives and 1 TB iCloud 

Pro Tools v12.4 + many plug ins  

Cubase 7 + many plug ins

Apogee Symphony PCie 64

Apogee Symphony multi output system 

UAD Card 

AMT 8 

Mogami Mic leads and D sub wiring

Canare Patch leads


Studer 189 MK II Broadcast console circa 1978

Class A, Discrete Console, hand built, with transformers on every channel, X 2 Pye Style compressors, EMT Plate Reveb control, A800 Transport control, and even X 2 Studer 40 W Mono Amps to drive Studio Yamaha NS10's. A True class sound ideal for Summing & tracking with world class pre Amps, up there with Neve, Api and SSL. Made in Switzerland

Event Opal Monitors

Simply incredible detail and weigh 25 Kgs each, so they must be good !

These are regarded by many top engineers and producers as one of the finest studio monitors in the world. I couldn't do without them, and bouncing from them to the NS10's shows all I need.

Apogee Symphony

One of the highest AD / DA converters on the market, found in many of the worlds best recording studios. Up to 192Khz to capture every nuance of the recording if needed.




Orban 622b Dual Parametric - Vintage, surgical EQ, circa 1979 with discrete output stage - sooo nice & creamy

Studer 189 - Discrete, Class A, broadband sweet spot EQ x 24 - total class

AML ez1073 - Classic Neve 1073 clone - Super sweet coloured eq

Calrec QF2925 - Custom racked Stereo EQ for the Neve type Sound

Aphex 109 parametric Tube EQ - Modified CV4004 AX7 tube

api 550a - Legendary 1960's discrete eq

UAD - Manley Massive Passive 

UAD - Trident A range

UAD - Pultec Pro 

UAD - Tonelux Tilt

UAD - Pultec EQP-1A

UAD - Cambridge EQ

UAD - Maag EQ4

Various Plugins from Waves, Avid, McDSP etc

Complete Slate Digital Suite



Studer 189 MKII x 2 - PWM , similar to the legendary PYE Compressors

DBX 160S Blue Series - dual VCA  with 127 db range, Jenson transformers, and  it's a true audiophile V8 !

IGS ONE LA - Killer LA 2A clone, OPTO Tube compressor - for Vocals and Bass

Valley People 610 - dual VCA channels, vintage, circa 1980, solid for Bass, Kick & Snare

Warm Audio WA76 - Discrete, Class A 1176 D - great on vocals

Focusrite Platinum Voicemaster - Discrete Pre, Opto Compressor and De esser

UAD - Fairchild 670

UAD - 1176 SE

UAD - Elysia Alpha

Various Plugins from Waves, Avid, McDSP etc

Complete Slate Digital Suite


Reverbs / Misc Effects

TC Electronic M5000 - Awesome unit, amazing reverbs and Multi effects

Lexicon MX300 - flange and phasers

UAD - EMT 250 Plate

UAD - EMT 140 Plate

UAD - Precision Rack

UAD - Little Labs VOG

UAD - Studer A800

UAD - Precision enhancer Khz

Various Plugins from Waves, Avid, McDSP etc 

Complete Slate Digital Suite

Slate Digital Suite - Everything

World class plugins from a fantastic, forward thinking company dedicated to a twist of difference and sometimes better emulations of real gear classics.

UAD Card and plugins

Totally pro analog emulations of classic gear. The UAD host card allows processing outside of the MAC 8 core system. They sound amazing and combined with the carefully selected analog and digital gear, Waves, McDSP and Slate plugins, there's not much missing !


Fantastic 500 series clone of the legendary LA2A compressor, fantastic for vocals and bass and even better when combined with a great Mic / Pre and 1176 - Fully portable vocal rig so it's possible to visit your studio or home - please enquire for details.

Instruments etc.

Moog Voyager SS - the last Bob Moog design, the ultimate Mono,

Roland JV1080

Oberheim OB12

Roland Jupiter 80 V2

Yamaha EX5 Millenium edition ( Silver )

Roland JX 10

Roland Fantom X7

Kawai VPC1

Arturia CS80

Komplete 10

Kontakt 5

Grand Rhapsody

Ivory II Italian Grand    


Microphones / Headphones

Korby Kat System - Awesome Tube - large diaphragm with Neumann U47, Neumann U67m, Telefunken ELA-M 251, and AKG C12 heads - upgraded tube GE 5 Star 6072 Black plate, incredible MIC and total flexibility

Tekefunken TD21 - dynamic 

Oktava MD-66A - dynamic (1979)

Rode NT1 - A

Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80 Ohm - closed 

AKG K701 - open



Event Opal 

Yamaha NS10M with Studer 189 Class A Amps

Vintage Retro 1980s Haut Parleur Mini Speakers & Amp

Bluetooth MONO 


More Outboard gear and Instruments also available for sale / trade, please enquire...