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How do I use a STUDER 189 MKII without actually buying one ?

Sweet Discrete is all about bringing the beautiful sound of an ultra rare Swiss masterpiece to those that seek that little bit of magical ‘glue’, ‘width’, ‘sizzle’ or ‘weight’ to their recorded tracks. Either through the analog summing service, re recording service, or the full mix service using a hybrid set up to re record, sum and mix / automate through Protools using Apogee Symphony converters. I am confident you will be able to use Sweet Discrete, almost as if you had the console yourself.

For Vocals / Guitar solos, even a Snare Drum, it can add a different tone for double tracking. I can use the inductor EQ, inspired by Pultec and push the console to add a different vibe to your recorded material.

The console has PYE style compression also, and is great on drums, so if you send 16 individual stems, including your reverb and effects prints etc, I can send you a stereo file back to use, replace or blend in your mix.

Available for the Singer / Songwriter, Band, Bedroom Producer, Home Recording Enthusiast or even commercial Recording Studios, even if they have Neve or SSL etc, the STUDER is still the ‘Sweet Discrete’ choice....Oh come on that was good !!

All this can be done over the internet so this is a worldwide service.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you